Buying or renting real estate in Croatia - what is better?

Buying or renting real estate in Croatia is something you are thinking about, but you can't make the right decision? Here's everything you need to know.


First or next, the purchase of real estate always leads to a series of questions that should be considered before embarking on such an adventure. We can say that it is a demanding and even risky life dilemma that cannot be completed in just a few steps, clicks or returned if there is dissatisfaction or we do not like it. That's why many think about whether it's worth buying or just renting something and living more peacefully...

To get to know the topic more closely, we decided to help you choose or change an idea, as well as advise you on the best solutions, that is, what you should think about before making a decision. What are the risks, advantages and disadvantages of buying or renting and how to decide, read below...

At the beginning: what should a person who buys or rents a property think about?
  1. Are you planning a short-term or long-term stay at the same address?
  2. How sure is he of what he wants - location, value, size of the object, position (south or north side…)?
  3. What is the environment in which the facility is located? For example: does the value of that territory increase or decrease, is there an option for expansion, etc.?
  4. Whether the region is developing or not?
  5. Short or long term rental - what is offered and an assessment of the risk of eviction?
  6. Creditworthiness and forward thinking (risk assessment)?
  7. Profitability and ultimate risks of buying or renting?

Buying or renting an apartment in Croatia? Advantages and disadvantages.

At first, it seems to us that these are two completely different decisions. However, if we think about it, we will agree that it is not quite so...

Buying a property is a complex process that, apart from finding the ideal location and design, requires a number of other actions that don't sound as nice as the mere thought of the act of buying. From paperwork, valuation, verification of ownership and land registers, to the condition of the property and whether it needs adaptation or not, and ultimately the finances that will make the purchase happen, it can take up to several months, and after the procedure is completed, additional time for decoration, renovation and moving in.


Advantages of buying real estate most of them are familiar and we will agree that buying an apartment, house, land or any other similar building is always a good idea. The real estate market has always been a good basis for investment and a guarantee for the preservation of money in which it does not lose its value, but quite the opposite. Being in one's own 4 walls or one's own boss, enables a more peaceful stay, interior decoration of one's own choice, excludes eviction or being kicked out in the middle of the season or for some other reason.

However, we cannot leave out the shortcomings that can take time and money. By purchasing a property, we are obliged to take the necessary steps and obligations to keep it tidy and suitable for living. This applies to decoration, adaptation, renovation and all works related to maintenance: repairs, payment of utilities, cleaning. Around the apartment, there is a slightly smaller obligation to repair the external parts, while at home there are many more actions that must be maintained every so often in order to remain in the best order. Also, there is often a need to take a loan from a bank in order to make a purchase, so this entails a long-term risk, i.e. the obligation to pay installments and interest, which we have to admit is often not minimal or imperceptible in the household budget.

This is precisely why, at least initially, and some for a longer time, many consider or decide to rent a property.

The advantages of renting are the lack of obligations regarding decoration and works, as well as the purchase itself. Additional options such as moving to another location or a better option are easier to implement. There is also the option of "trying out" and gaining experience before buying your own property. There are no long-term loans (loans) that sometimes create a sense of obligation or anxiety, although there is an obligation to pay rent. Additionally, there is no risk of loss during a crisis or other factors that may affect the real estate market, as well as no liability for any natural disaster or other form of natural disaster or event.

However, renting an apartment, house or room entails the obligation of cooperation with the owner and constant communication. Also, the risk that the landlord changes the decision on the terms of the lease, the amount of the rent, or that at some point he decides to sell, move in a family member or rent seasonally and because of this you cannot extend your stay at that address is an option that can happen at any time . The awareness and thought that this could happen to every tenant crossed her mind at least once, which is not the best solution for a completely peaceful sleep.

Buying and renting, is it possible?

Through comprehensive thinking, we can arrive at a perhaps slightly risky, but certainly more profitable solution in which each party wins. Thinking about finding a property that can serve as a home as well as a rental option is certainly something that can provide a long-term solution. Whether a person has the funds or is creditworthy to buy real estate, he can consider several options:
  • purchase of a larger unit that can be divided into two smaller ones. One can be used for living, the other for rent and thus cover loan costs or have passive income from rent
  • equip a unit for seasonal rental with the goal of earning to cover the cost of the loan or generate income. The only drawback here would be the need to find another accommodation during the rental period, which can bring additional costs.
  • Rooming or corenting is a more modern form of coexistence of individuals with the aim of reducing costs. Whether you own your own property or rent, if you don't have a problem with cohabitation with another person, it is certainly an option that will save some money.

What is more worthwhile? Buying or renting real estate?

One or the other, we will agree, can be better or worse for someone to choose. However, in the long term, buying real estate may offer more options for moving forward and thinking long-term, i.e. creating additional income or value. In order to facilitate the process of finding and ultimately buying real estate, the Relax agency offers a complete service to its clients on the way to finding the ideal location and the desired appearance of the property. It also takes on the responsibility of handling the paperwork and other steps that make the process easier and faster.

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