Increase in flat tax for renting accommodation in Crikvenica

Increase in flat tax for renting accommodation in Crikvenica

Information about the Increase in flat tax for accommodation in Crikvenica: Your opportunity to participate

The city of Crikvenica is considering increasing the flat tax for who are renting rooms, apartments, and houses, proposing an increase from the current 45.79 € per bed to 100.00 € per bed. This proposal is part of a broader plan aimed at improving local municipal services.

Key information about the proposed tax increase

The tax increase has the potential to impact the local tourism industry and property owners. Details of this proposal are available on the official website of the City of Crikvenica. The draft proposal is also available on the website.

E-Consultation: Your opportunity to express your opinion

The city is opening an e-consultation, providing an opportunity for citizens to voice their opinions on the proposed changes. We invite you to submit your comments and thoughts from November 7th to December 7th, 2023, to the email address savjetovanje@crikvenica.hr.

Impact of tax increase on the tourism sector and local population

The City of Crikvenica is actively considering how the tax increase could affect local property owners and the entire tourism sector, striving to balance the needs of the city with the interests of local stakeholders.

Call to participate in the E-Consultation

Your participation in the e-consultation process is important. Every voice helps shape the future of Crikvenica. Share your opinion and participate in making decisions that affect your community.

The decision regarding the increase in flat tax will be based on the feedback received during the e-consultation.
Visit the City of Crikvenica for more information and be involved in shaping your local community.