5 ways to buy real estate

5 ways to buy real estate

Real estate prices have been skyrocketing lately and sometimes it seems almost impossible for us to get the first square meters. What are all the methods and ways with the help of which you can realize ownership and buy real estate, we present in a short summary.



APN subsidy

In cash





  1. A home loan is one of the most frequently used options with the help of which it is "easy" to get property ownership. It is a bank loan that is used to finance the purchase of real estate (house, apartment, apartment, vacation home...), renovation, land development with the purpose of construction, addition or completion of real estate, renovation, down payment financing or repayment of previously realized housing loans. The advantages of housing loans are the possibility of quick realization and purchase of the desired property. However, the bank, in return, often requires certain insurance instruments as a guarantee that the issued money will be returned in specified annuities in the repayment period. Thus, it is possible that for the purposes of a housing loan, the bank will ask for insurance, a guarantor, a lien on property, a participation or some other form of guarantee. The most common repayment term is 20-30 years, and it depends on the wishes and possibilities of the bank client, that is, the loan applicant. Additional disadvantages of loans are high interest rates, which often reach dizzying amounts. That's why it's good to research the offers of all available banks, try to lower the interest rate by negotiation (yes, it is possible to "bargain" with bankers) or save (if possible) some amount before applying for a loan.
  2. The APN subsidy continues on the housing loan with a relief, that is, a measure of support - aid from the Government of the Republic of Croatia, which makes it easier for Croatian citizens to take care of housing through the repayment of part of the housing loan. This means that people, not older than 45, who do not own any real estate (they or their partners) are given assistance in buying an apartment or real estate. Since the introduction of these subsidies, many young families and individuals have successfully achieved ownership. Subsidies, with lower interest rates than those offered by banks, facilitate the loan repayment process so that part of the installment is co-financed from the fund and makes it easier for young people to buy real estate.
  3. Perhaps the most painless, and probably the most difficult option, would be to buy the property in cash. Whether it's savings, inheritance or winnings from games of chance, that is, some other form of financing, paying off real estate in cash is the ideal solution to avoid interest, paperwork, commissions, additional time at counters and other obligations that need to be fulfilled to make the purchase. Of course, it is necessary to have a sufficient amount, while counting on other costs that may arise when buying: real estate tax, notary fees, landscaping... To facilitate this process, we suggest that you seek the help of a local or verified agency in order to find a location as soon as possible , real estate and completed the buying and selling process.
  4. Do you already own a property, but want to invest in another apartment, a vacation or rental house, or buy land to start a business idea, etc.? A mortgage loan, despite all the risks, enables the purchase of another property (in exchange value) without additional criteria: guarantor, participation... However, making a mortgage loan is a demanding process in which it is advised to seek the help of an agency so that the realization takes place in the shortest possible period of time. The advantages of a mortgage are the possibility of immediate occupancy in an apartment or house, the use of two properties and receiving a tax deduction in the amount of 13% of the value of the purchased property. However, the disadvantages of this choice are something that you need to think about carefully before making a decision. High fees for processing requests, interest and the risk of loss due to the inability to pay are certainly factors that, despite the unpredictability of life, should be well worked out and thought about.
  5. Buying real estate on leasing, at least in Croatia, is a less well-known option, but not impossible. It is ideal for those who do not have suitable conditions for a loan or subsidy, the only thing is that they are limited by leasing in several conditions. Not all properties for sale on the market are available for leasing. The condition is that it is a building (already built or yet to be built) that meets the conditions of the leasing house, and this may mean a different location, square footage and building than the one the buyer previously imagined. The advantage of buying on leasing is the possibility of purchasing at the end of the contractual obligation at a lower price than the initial price, as well as the possibility of returning the property without additional obligations.


Each of the mentioned options takes the buyer one step closer to buying the desired property and to becoming the owner of the building, land, apartment or adapting and renovating according to his thoughts and wishes.

What is advised, regardless of which method or option of purchase you decide on, is to seek the advice or help of a local agency to guide you on the risks, options, hidden costs and other factors that are the key to achieving a good and verified purchase.

Checking papers, taxes, legal steps... are mandatory factors that must be checked before making a decision, so as not to find yourself in an awkward and unwanted position.

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