Want to know where are the best places to kiss in Crikvenica?

Want to know where are the best places to kiss in Crikvenica?
You can find the answer on this map, which shows the most beautiful kissing spots in Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo and Selce.

The " Kissing Map" will lead you through 10 romantic locations and give you a new perspective of the town an its most romantic spots. Visit the best places to kiss, take a photo wit your loved one, and- if you want-share picture on " In Love In Crikvenica" facebook page. This map will help you find attractive stickers that indicate the best locations for kissing all over the town.
1.The First
( Vela palada Crikvenica)
2. The Eternal
(Badanj fort - Love Path, Crikvenica)
3.The Only
(the bridge next to the Hotel Kaštel, Crikvenica)
4. The Perfect
(the wooden pier- Črni mul, Crikvenica)
5. The Mysterious
(benches with a view of cove, Kačjak)
6. The Unique
(the small harbour of Pazdehova, Dramalj)
7. The Unrepeatable
(the tunera tuna fishing platform, Jadranovo)
8. The Powerful
( Sveti Jakov Park, Jadranovo)
9. The Sweet
(uvala Slana, Selce)
10. The Playful
("Poli mora" - "Brac" beach, Selce)

The stickers are part of a romantic movement that has spread the magic message of love around the world The original " This is a Good Kiss Spot" idea was developed by Italian art colllective 0707, and soon grew into a movement, winning the hearts of milions of people.
Kissing spot can be found on the streets of numerous towns all over the worls. Surrender to romance, visit our kiss locations annd spend wonderful moments with your loved one.